Music that sets the correct rowing rhythm: Music can be an invaluable tool for helping rowers develop their stroke and rhythm. While often used to motivate athletes during short or long workouts alike, or simply as a source of getting through monotonous training sessions, music as an audio tool can have far greater responsibilities in supporting a rower’s progress than is currently practiced. Through specific and well-composed pieces of music, one of Sonic Active’s greatest strengths is its ability to ingrain rhythm and improve technique through the power of music.

Sonic Active’s music helps you perfect your rowing stroke by matching it to the correct rhythm. Rowing is about much more than brute strength or raw power; it’s about coordination and rhythm. A team of the strongest rowers in the world couldn’t move a boat very quickly if their rhythms are not aligned. Our music is purpose-built for specific rowing rhythms, allowing you to focus on your individual form or your team’s overall coordination.

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