Make Your Boat Go Faster

Make Your Boat Go Faster

Music specially designed for the rhythm of the rate you are training at

As rowers we know you spend a large amount of time rowing at a steady rate ingraining the motion of the stroke while increasing your stamina and fitness. By training with our music and following the catch and the finish clearly defined in the music, you can easily keep the rhythm and ratio and thereby begin to deeply imbibe it into your muscle memory. Tighter, more secure rhythms help make the boat go faster. 

For all levels of rower, the App provides a solid rhythmic basis for all

Whether you are a novice or an elite level rower, the addition of the auditory senses being included in your training will only help you, either to find the rhythm and ratio we look for in our stroke, or to hone to an even finer level of precision. Of course, there's the motivational aspect too, and it is a well reported fact that music helps you to train harder. Even better as ours aids technical prowess too! Still not certain? Take a look at what some top coaches and rowers have to say.

Designed for use on the water or on the erg

Why leave your training music on the bank when you can take it with you on the water, taking care to protect your device of course? The App is designed for you to get the benefit whether on the water or on the erg, providing a way to further integrate water and land sessions and thereby improving your technique and rhythm across your training. 

Data capture tools to help with analyising your workout after you've finished

The App provides a variety of ways to analyse your workout and stroke, including a graphic depiction of the drive, recovery speed, and the coordination of your placement to the leg drive; whether you were rowing accurately to the rhythm and ratio provided in the music; mapping and tracking your boat speed during water sessions. 

Keep detailed records of your erg sessions

\Once you have finished your workout, you can photograph the erg monitor and input the details of your split times so that you, and your coach, can track your training and find ways to improve your stroke and your training, or reveiw your boat speed and boat's movement through the water. 

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