The Power of Music
Fine tune your rhythm using music that fits the stroke perfectly

The Power of Music


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Sonic Active’s music helps you perfect you rowing stroke by matching it to the correct rhythm. Rowing is about much more than brute strength or raw power; it’s about coordination and rhythm. A team of the strongest rowers in the world couldn’t move a boat very quickly if their rhythms are not aligned. Our music is purpose-built for specific rowing rhythms, allowing you to focus on your individual form or your team’s overall coordination.

The rhythm of your stroke defines how well you move your boat: Good rhythm means more efficient boat speed; bad rhythm results in the opposite. Good rhythm incorporates pressure, ratio, and rate, resulting in a faster boat speed because each component of your stroke is aligned to maximum effect. This also means it isn’t enough for a team just to get their blades in and out of the water at the same time - the speed of the stroke, the pace of the recovery phase, every element of the stroke, must also be as closely aligned as possible. Even the smallest discrepancy between rowers will work against the boat’s forward momentum, reducing efficiency and slowing the boat down, particularly through the recovery phase.

Listening and rowing to music with the correct rhythm embeds that rhythm in your psyche and muscle memory. 

This has three main benefits.

  1. First, you’re able to stay on rhythm more naturally, allowing you to focus more on the finer points of your technique that will deliver a competitive advantage.
  2. Second, your workouts will be more efficient, allowing for longer and harder rowing sessions. This will deliver extra stamina for when you have to dig deeper in the last 300 metres of the race.
  3. Finally, when you are exhausted at the end of a race, a strong internalized rhythm will compensate for fatigue and you will maintain better form than your opponent, giving you a key advantage in the final stretch of the race!

The Sonic Active app will include a library of music, each matching a different rowing ‘workout’. We’re in the final stages of developing a new iPhone app for rowers which will include a library of songs specifically matched to the rhythms of different rowing sessions. Our music is coordinated by professional composer and rowing coach, Nick Kenworthy-Browne. His unique blend of 25 years composing and 17 years rowing expertise enables him to craft music specifically built for rowers - what’s more, he creates it from a coach’s (and rower’s) point of view, so he understands the fundamentals of strong training sessions AND overall preparation regimens.

We're constantly adding to our music library, giving you more choices of rowing session from which to choose. We’ll be adding new tracks each month, meaning you’ll always have something new to push yourself with. Whether you want to maintain a higher stroke rate, deliver more power into each stroke, or work on your transitions between rates, we’ll create music specifically tailored for the erg and water sessions, music you both need and want.

An 'Edited Sample' is a series of little bits of music taken from the whole piece and spliced together. This allows you to hear music from different sections of longer works.

A 'Selected Sample' is taken uncut from the music as a way to hear some of the musical content. These tend to be used for shorter pieces as there is less muiscal material to cover.

Samples from our catalogue